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Therapy Services

Therapy is a completely personal experience and it is important that you find a therapist who is going to make you feel understood and at ease. I aim to help my clients dig deeper into who they are and what holds them back by providing a non-judgmental and calm atmosphere.


My clients struggle with issues related to identity, sexuality, and trauma, and identify with many different sexual, gender, and relationship orientations.


Using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapy, I can help you understand where your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors come from. IFS can teach you the skills you need to live authentically and unafraid.

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Online Therapy

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Individual Therapy

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Why Therapy is Important

Most of us aren't taught how to navigate our mental health, or even how to ask questions to simply know ourselves better. Therapy is important because it is a space dedicated to you and your self-exploration led by someone who wishes to see you grow.
Whether you're looking for a therapist for anxiety, a therapist for trauma, a therapist to help with relationships, or just someone to talk to, you deserve a space that's focused on you and your process.

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Schedule an Appointment

To inquire about availability and to set up a session, please call me at (608) 291-6336 or submit an inquiry form using the button below. You can expect a reply within two business days.

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