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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an appointment?

To set up an appointment, call me at (608) 291-6336 or fill out the inquiry form here. Please allow up to two business days for a response.

What are your credentials?

I am a fully licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). I have a Master's degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island (2019), and I am on track to receive a Master's degree in Human Sexuality from Widener University in Summer 2024. I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016.

What are the rates of your services?

Private pay sessions for individuals are $115 for a 50-60 minute session. The initial intake assessment session is billed at $145 and is typically 90 minutes long.

Do you take my insurance?

Right now, I am only accepting private pay clients in the state of Wisconsin.


I am in the process of getting credentialed with Anthem/BCBS, Group Health Cooperative, and Alliance, so check back soon to see if I accept your insurance.

Can you see a therapist without a referral?

You can! You do not need a referral to begin therapy.

I'm not ready to begin therapy yet. Do you have any free resources I can look at?

Please check out the articles on my blog, my free guides, and my Instagram for free resources.

Will therapy help me?

While I cannot guarantee specific outcomes, therapy at Multitudes offers a supportive space for self-exploration and growth. Many individuals find therapy to be a valuable resource for addressing challenges, improving well-being, and gaining new perspectives. Your commitment and engagement in the process greatly influence the potential benefits. To explore how therapy can support you on your unique journey, reach out to schedule an initial consultation.

What do you specialize in?

While I work with adults with varying needs, I specialize in working with queer, kinky, and non-monogamous adult individuals. Click to learn more about my queer-affirming therapy, kink-affirming therapy, and non-monogamy-affirming therapy services.


Clients may seek me out for these services specifically, or may just want a therapist who is knowledgeable on these lifestyles while working on other issues such as anxiety, trauma, or difficult life transitions.

What is LGBTQ+ Therapy?

LGBTQ+ therapy at Multitudes is a specialized counseling service tailored to the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ community. The focus of sessions may be on sexual orientation exploration, gender identity exploration, coming out, discrimination, family dynamics, and navigating relationships. To learn more about LGBTQ+ therapy services, visit the LGBTQ+ Therapy services page.

What does a kink positive therapist do?

A kink-positive therapist fosters an affirming and judgment-free space to explore diverse expressions of human sexuality, including kink and BDSM practices. The focus of sessions may be on desire exploration, reducing shame, increasing pleasure, and communication. To learn more about kink therapy services, visit the Kink Therapy services page.

What is non-monogamy and polyamory therapy?

Non-monogamy and polyamory therapy at Multitudes is dedicated to providing guidance and support for individuals and people in relationships exploring non-monogamous dynamics. The focus of sessions may be on communication, emotional management, and boundary-setting within open, polyamorous, or non-monogamous relationships. To learn more about non-monogamy therapy services, visit the Non-Monogamy Therapy services page.

Is online therapy effective?

While there is not yet much published research on the effectiveness of virtual therapy vs. in-person therapy, I can speak from my own experience in the virtual therapy space. My clients report similar levels of progress to clients I have seen in-person in the past and report many benefits to online therapy including ease, comfort, and flexibility.


Online therapy is not for everyone, but others report they prefer it. It really is an individual choice!

Other questions?

Please contact me at 608-291-6336 or use the contact form here or other questions.

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