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About Me

Ashley Floyd, LMFT (she/they)



My name is Ashley Floyd and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialize in supporting adults in their desire to live authentically by freeing them of the anxieties and fears that hold them back.

I am motivated by helping others become the truest versions of themselves. My clients often come to me to explore issues related to sexuality, identity, anxiety, and trauma. Together, we come to a place of self-understanding and self-compassion that allows them to live authentically and unafraid.

I am queer. Identity and sexuality are a large part of my work and I offer a non-judgmental, informed space for clients who may be non-monogamous, kinky, and/or anywhere on the sexuality and gender identity spectrums.  


I am a queer therapist, a kink-allied therapist, a non-monogamy friendly therapist, and a polyamory friendly therapist.

I offer a tailored approach to therapy where we work together to come up with a course of action that gets you where you want to be. I often use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach in my work, which means that our sessions are spent learning about where your fears, anxieties, and struggles come from, and how to overcome them.

I haven't found a therapist that has helped as much as Ashley in all my years of searching. She has a wonderful patient attitude, objective advice, and fresh ideas that are sure to help anyone of any age or need. I can't recommend her highly enough.

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Get in Touch

To set up an appointment, or for a general inquiry, please call me at 608-291-6336 or fill out the form using the link below and I will get back to you within two business days.

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