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LGBTQ+ Therapy

Within the LGBTQ+ spectrum lies a rich tapestry of vibrant and diverse colors, and every story deserves the opportunity to be told. In my virtual office, we tackle the twists and turns of sexual orientation, gender identity, and the kaleidoscope of relationships with the attention they deserve.


At Multitudes, I understand the importance of tailoring therapy to the individual, recognizing the multilayered experiences within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Our sessions will be designed to foster a sense of safety and understanding, allowing you to explore your authentic self and navigate personal growth. Whether you're facing issues related to identity, relationships, family, or mental health, therapy can help guide you towards resilience and empowerment. 

Looking for a Queer Therapist near Madison, WI?

If you're in search of a queer therapist who intimately understands and celebrates the diverse experiences within the LGBTQ+ spectrum, look no further. As the sole practitioner at Multitudes, I bring a unique blend of personal insight and professional expertise.


At Multitudes, it's not just therapy; it's a personalized journey towards self-discovery and resilience. I recognize the importance of having a therapist who shares your experiences while also recognizing your individuality, and I am dedicated to providing a safe and affirming space for your growth.


Choose Multitudes Therapy Services for LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy that celebrates your uniqueness. Your journey deserves the attention and understanding only a practiced, compassionate, and queer-identified therapist can provide.

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Schedule an Appointment

To inquire about availability and to set up a session, please call me at (608) 291-6336 or submit an inquiry form using the button below. You can expect a reply within two business days.

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